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Industrial Laser Systems is presenting his new range of compact ILSM Laser Marking Systems. They can integrate fibre, Co2 or UV sources.The ILSM can easly be mounted on line or as a stand alone station as the new Mobile Station, ILSM-Mob or the Lab Station, the ILSM-Lab. 

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Brazing head with wire guiding module

Tête de brasage
Industrial Laser Systems can supply brazing heads with an integrated wire guiding module.
This head has a tracking functionnalty directly linked to the wire (patented).
The wire follow automatically the edge of the metal sheet to be brazed.
These heads are mainly used in the automotive industry for the body parts assembly.
Video on a brazing process at Renault Douai factory (France):




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Welcome to INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS - Laser Process Solutions For Industrial Needs PDF Print

Since 2003,  Industrial Laser Systems has installed several Laser machines. Feel free to discover some of our Laser Systems under the menu  "Custom Systems." ...                                                                                                            

INDUSTRIAL LASER SYSTEMS (I.L.S) is a supplier of  a large range of Industrial solutions that integrates different kinds of laser sources as pulsed or continuous from low to high power. The choice of the source is driven by the customer application and specific process.

As a manufacturer of complete laser soutions, we supply laser systems for cutting, welding, brazing, engraving, drilling, marking, cladding, surface treatment, ...
Our solutions are build to satisfy all the technical requirement to process metals, polymers, glass, ceramics and other materials.
Every process is qualified at Industrial Laser Systems or at our parntner laboratories on demontrations systems.
Industrial Laser Systems has exclusive partnerships with the leading laser sources manufacturers companies. ( YAG, IR et UV, pulsed and CW YAG or Co2, Co2,  fiber diode, etc...).
The Industrial Laser Systems Engeneering department will design laser solutions adapted to each specific request according to the customers industrial needs.

 Our customer are major player in the automotive industry, or nuclear industrie and medical industrie as well the aerospace industrie...

A powerful 3kW fiber laser has been launched by global industrial laser manufacturer JK Lasers.

A global leader in the design and manufacture of industrial lasers, JK Lasers helps customers find the best solutions to their welding, cutting and drilling requirements.

The JK Lasers range includes fiber lasers, pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, CO2 gas lasers and process tools.

Fiber lasers are a precision material processing tool used for a diverse range of applications from the manufacture of small, intricate medical devices to flat sheet cutting thick section metals. Parameters such as pulse energy and the temporal profile are easily controlled.


LASERLINE is a leading manufacturer of diode lasers for material processing, the name Laserline has become synonymous with this type of technology. Diode lasers are deployed world wide in production processes and prove their efficiency and reliability in a wide range of different applications.

Since 1197 Laser has hundreds of laser diode installed in several countries and covering differnet kind of processes.

With a very small footprint, (less than 1m2 for 15 kW !), the  laser diode systems from Laserline have a very high efficiency.

Up to 20 kW for the VG Power version, and 2,3 kW for the LDM version build in a 19'' rack.

Every laser diode source from Laserline can be fibre delivered with different beam quality. These lasers diodes are the best alternative to replace old Co2 and YAG pumed laser process as welding, surface treatment or even cutting.

With an effciency up to 45%, (vs 10% for Co2 lasers !) the diode laser enables completely new methods of production that have come to a practical limitation with conventional techniques or that are not cost-efficient with other lasers.

Industries like the automotive or the aerospace are taking advantage of diodes technologies in their cost model.

Laserline diodes are used on line processes for: welding, brazing, cladding, surface treatment...

Laserline has 5 years waranty on the diodes elements.


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Semiconducteur, électronique 

Semiconductor and micromachining

 semiconducteur, électronique






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